Interrogation Room Mirror

It is produced with intense reflective coating on colored glass. Due to the hard coating, it can go through all the glass processes. One of the important things here is illumination. The area where the interrogation room mirror is located should be much illuminated and the other side should be less illuminated.

Interrogation mirrors used in security, administrative applications and surveillance areas have high reflection rate and low light transmittance. It is suitable for drilling, tempering, pressing, laminating operations. It is 6 mm thick. Its light transmission rate is 11% and reflection rate is 71%.

It is suitable for nurseries, hospitals, interrogation rooms. Every glass on the earth reflects the light in certain amount, but mirrored glasses reflect a certain part of the light. The same qualities are applied on both sides of these mirrors, while one side sees through and the other side creates mirror effect which is related to light amounts of each side.

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  • Dimensions

    It is supplied in various sizes as machine size.

  • Colors

    These mirrors, known as spy mirror – double-sided mirror, are produced in one type.

  • Usage areas

    It can be used in police stations, lineup rooms, airports, hospitals, nurseries, customs areas and psychiatric clinics.

Interrogation Room Mirror
Interrogation Room Mirror
Interrogation Room Mirror



Interrogation Room Mirror

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