Low-e Glass

It is a specially coated glass used for heat control and energy saving. Thanks to its transparency, it does not block sunlight. It is produced with pyrolytic or magnetronic coating technique on colorless transparent glass.

It is a glass type which supports architectural trends in terms of aesthetic appearance and is frequently used today. It delays unwanted sweating on the glass. It provides the transparency of the sunlight at the highest level.

It is produced to provide heat control and maximum benefit from solar heat and to save energy. It reduces the discoloration of objects and fabrics by reducing UV transmission. Low-e glass is only cut – washed, used in double glazing and can be laminated with a special coating. However, hard low-e glass produced with pyrolytic technique is suitable for all kinds of glass processes.

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  • Dimensions

    It is supplied in various sizes as machine size.

  • Colors

    Thermal insulation of the hard low-e glass is lower than that of the soft low-e glass; but it is preferred in areas such as freezer covers or tempered window glass as it can be tempered and used as single glass. Available in 4 and 6 mm.

  • Usage areas

    The use of low-e glass as an exterior glass in the architectural area is widespread. Hard low-e is widely used in glass coolers, freezers and ovens.

Low-e Glass
Low-e Glass
Low-e Glass



Low-e Glass

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