Low-Iron Extra Clear

‘Low-iron extra clear glass’ is a new trend that is frequently used and preferred in interior and exterior architecture today. Creating a stylish and effective silhouette in the architectural buildings and skyscrapers, extra clear is made by reducing iron oxide. It is a kind of glass that can be produced in every thickness. It can go through every process like flat glass. You can create very effective looks for your glass basin, shop window designs, shelf designs or aquarium. Its only difference from flat glass is that its iron compound is 1/10 less.

Because of this feature, the greenish color you see on flat glass disappears. Since it is produced in flat glass structure, it can go through all the processing steps such as laminating and tempering.

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  • Dimensions

    It is supplied in various sizes as machine size.

  • Colors

    ‘Extra clear’ glass is supplied in every thickness.

  • Usage areas

    It can be used in all areas where colorless flat glass is used. Widely used areas are interior and exterior architecture, decoration and furniture sector.

Low-Iron Extra Clear
Low-Iron Extra Clear
Low-Iron Extra Clear



Low-Iron Extra Clear

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