Matobel (Picture Framing Glass)

It is produced as frame glass. The aim is to reduce the reflection of the light on the frame and to show the figure in the frame clearly. The most important point here is that the frame glass touches the object.

The pattern should face outward for the glass to prevent the reflection of the pattern and to show the picture clearly. Technically, it is produced with frosted glass production technique. It can be defined as glass that is used in picture frames and does not reflect the light that hits the glass.

In the past, we often could not see the signs, maps, important charts hanged on the walls due to the light reflected from these glasses. These pictures, which were not easily seen in the past, can be easily seen because the frames do not reflect the light thanks to the special matobel glass.

Thanks to the matobel glass obtained by applying mild acid on both surfaces of the glass; elegant products, picture frames can be exhibited without a problem today.

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  • Dimensions

    210 x 120 and 210 x 140.

  • Colors

    2 mm and 2.1 mm.

  • Usage areas

    It is used on frames.

Matobel (Picture Framing Glass)



Matobel (Picture Framing Glass)

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