Reflective Glass

A type of glass that can control the sunlight and solar heat, reflective glass is produced colored from the frit with the inclusion of colorants during the production of the glass. It is formed by coating metal oxides with colored or colorless derivatives.

These glasses, which have high mechanical and chemical durability, can be designed in silver, green, smoked, bronze or blue tones. These reflective glasses block the heating sun rays inside buildings and also hide the areas that need to be hidden like beams, parapet walls, columns, suspended ceilings, installation spaces.

Thanks to its reflective properties, it creates a mirror effect when viewed in the direction of the light. It is suitable for bending, laminating and tempering processes. It is produced with pyrolytic coating technique on colorless flat glass or colored flat glass.

It has a more reflective look compared to colored glass. It can go through processes such as grinding, drilling, pressing, tempering, laminating, etc. as its coverage is quite durable.

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  • Dimensions

    It is supplied in various sizes as machine size.

  • Colors

    Bronze Reflective Glass Green Reflective Glass Smoked Reflective Glass Blue Reflective Glass Silver Reflective Glass

  • Usage areas

    It is mostly used in exterior architectural applications. In addition to this, it can be preferred in sectors such as shower cabin, oven, furniture.

Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass



Reflective Glass

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