Tv Mirror

It is produced by applying intense reflective coating on transparent glass. It has a mirror effect when the TV is off based on the light, and it reflects the image through the back light when the TV is turned on. Since it is hard coated, it can go through glass processes.

Displayers, elevator front panels, information screens are coated with transparent mirror due to high reflectivity and light transmittance. Coated hard glasses with silver reflective feature are suitable for laminating, drilling, tempering and edging processes, as well as being scratch resistant.

It is often preferred in hotel rooms, bars – restaurants, lounges and halls. It is also preferred in elevators, bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms. You can feel elegance and comfort at the same time with a TV unit that will amaze you with its magic and comfort, which turns into a mirror when it is turned off and a TV when it is turned on.

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  • Dimensions

    It is supplied in various sizes as machine size.

  • Colors

    Colored Flat

  • Usage areas

    It can be used in hotel rooms, receptions and elevators.

Tv Mirror
Tv Mirror



Tv Mirror

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